The cost of a judicial administrator’s intervention is supported by the concerned company and sometimes by the requesting party.

When the missions entail the role of administrator, his remuneration is set by Decree through a schedule of fees, under the control of the Court supervising the proceedings.

Set statutorily in matters of insolvency proceedings

Fees are set by decision of justice (by order of the President of the Court or if above a certain threshold by order of a professional judge delegated by the Court of Appeal after hearing the debtor, the Public Prosecutor and upon recommendation of the supervising judge).

Likewise, the remuneration of interim administration mandates is set by regulation or failing that it is set by the designating court or by the parties.

Set by Decree of 29 May 1959 for other assignments.

For all other missions, the remuneration is set in accordance with the parties involved and by the courts for prevention missions (ad hoc mandate and conciliation) following agreement by the applicants.