The judicial administrator is appointed by:
– The parties themselves for consultation and advice missions,
– A decision of the shareholders assembly of the legal person in case of appointment as amicable liquidator or provisional administrator,
– The competent Courts or President (Commercial Court, District Courts, the President of one or the other of these Courts or any other Court or President ),
He intervenes:
• in amicable proceedings (mandat ad hoc and conciliation), on a proposal from the CEO,
• in some provisional administration missions of companies of, more generally, legal entities or individuals

• in specific mandates (investigations, convening of meeting -in case of failure to convene such meeting-)
• in judicial proceedings, i.e. safeguard proceeding at the request of the company (not insolvent),  or receivership (in case of suspension of payment).
• Amicable liquidations, ordered by the Court.
Its expertise and that of his team is recognized as part of his “duty of care” (obligation de moyens), for treatment of business difficulties and search for adequate solutions to various crisis companies face with: management crisis, shareholder crises, cash crisis…