FHB gathers the skills and expertise of six judicial administrators – Me. Emmanuel Hess, Me Hélène Bourbouloux,Me Jean- François Blanc, Me Gaël Couturier, Me Cécile Dür and Me Nathalie Leboucher  – and their teams, with a national competence and a focus on a Paris – Western – Southwestern France axis.

Lead by its founders Hélène Bourbouloux and Emmanuel Hess, FHB grew in 2013 in Southern France by integrating Jean-François Blanc and his teams. The team of associates was reinforced at the end of 2013 with Gaël Couturier mainly exercising in the Paris region, then Cécile Dür and Nathalie Leboucher in 2014 to consolidate the Grand Ouest activity. FHB now rely on approximately fifty professionals and 4 trainees who can eventually become associates in the structure. For 4 years now it is the most active corporation of Judicial  Administrators with PE members and large entities.

FHB bases its experience on more than 5,000 cases handled, covering all sectors of activity, both in Paris and in the rest of France, from micro-enterprises to family-owned corporations, private-equity companies or public-sectors operators, sometimes listed on the stock exchange, single-site or multiple-site and of local, national or international dimension.

With a complementary mix of skills and experiences, we share a common vision of our profession, where anticipation, ability to listen and negotiation are the values guiding our action to solve difficulties.

Disseminating and promoting the whole economic world all tools enabling a company to move from safeguard to recovery of its business activity is the ambition animating with enthusiasm our team.

Emmanuel Hess, Helen Bourbouloux, Jean -François Blanc, Gaël Couturier, Cécile Dür, Nathalie Leboucher